Tough Love


Silver....leather....rough hair....spikes....stones....
tats (or body paint!)....fur....bones....crosses and skulls
to name a few, are something that we are all craving at the moment!

1. Mixing the tough with the elegant is a divine look! And we hope it never wears thin!

2. Now this IS the corset of the century! Look at those spikes! - Beautiful.

4. Sweetest Tat

5. Now thats what we call body art!

7. Would love to be able to get away with this look walking down the street!

9, 10, 11. Evil Twin - Clothes to die for - check em!

12. What a jacket!! We are in love with this. The detail, the cut, the material, the shoulders!

1 comment:

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Eek those double rings are so fantastic!

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