The new collection is called 'Darkly Decedent' and is
where Gothic goes Glamorous...

Projecting from each shot is a dramatic, dark romance inspired
glamour. Lips painted oxblood red against a pale complexion
and claret coloured rose petals with delicately layered jewellery
and accessories against a backdrop of dusky grey.

With looks divided into groups of rich opulence to silver tones of
pagan grunge the collection and Lookbook’s overall aesthetic is
entrenched with an eclectic range of influences from Baroque, 
Gothic, 90’s grunge, and 80‘s rock, topped with an immortal
Edward Scissorhands vulnerability. 

With party season on the horizon, Regalrose’s new collection
has the ability to be broken down into singular pieces catering
to a customer that wants something extra special to pair with that LBD!


Photography > Jay McLaughlin 
Hair > Brooke Neilson
Model > Jaymie Jarvis


Diana Marks said...

great lookbook!
Please, follow my blog on Bloglovin and Facebook, if you like it. I can do the same for you, just let me know in my comments ;)

Have a fabulous day!

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Can't afford a Birkin said...

Just found out about RegalRose and I'm already in love ;)

follow me http://cant-affordabirkin.blogspot.pt/

ana xx

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