The dark side to Regal Rose

I recently stumbled across these photographs (of me, Rebecca) that Louisa had taken for a project back in our university days (about 5 years ago now)! :( oh how we loved those days, not a care in the world (except for passing!) and complete freedom to do what ever we wanted with each project set! This was a photoshoot taken one day after I was sick in bed! Louisa made me do it! As you can see, it was mid autumn and quite chilley to say the least! Still, I did it just for her :). (im like that, shes not!) haha x

Taken with a our Grandad's vintage Pentax film camera the photographs were used for a good vs evil 'look book' for a jewellery/fashion company.  I will try and route out the 'good' pictures when I can and post them. If I remember correctly, the 'good' photographs feature some very 'on trend' jewellery you would see in Regal Rose today!

I also thought these photos are ideal for this time of year! - HALLOWEEN (although im a day or so late). Ay....Better late then never! :) xx


LaurenSchoon said...

LOVE the hair!! So gorgeous :)

Regal Rose Jewellery Design said...

Thank you!! I had hair extensions in! Pretty realistic ay!

Loving your blog! Follow me and I will follow you! ;) x

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