Black Allure Ring GIVEAWAY


Here is our new Armour Gunmetal Vintage Chain Double Ring...do you like it!
We hope so because we are giving it away to one lucky reader!

The ring is handmade with vintage chain. A wire wrapped double ring in gunmetal with gorgeous gold highlights of gold. A unique design from Regal Rose. The ring will be sent to your address all packaged up in one of our new boxes!

So for a chance to WIN, simple 'follow us' and leave a comment to this post with your email.

Giveaway ends on December 15th whereafter we will pick a winner!


Opal Wells said...

yes, please! i'm following on blog lovin


Jane said...

oh...I love it


anxiouslyrebellious said...

wow great design! i found you guys on ebay :D since then i'm foloving you on blogger and blogloving 2
anxiouslyrebellious ;)


Emilie said...

wauw like this 'ring' a lot!!



Mim said...

My Birthday soon and this ring will go perfectly with the black dress I've bought for it! The ring is also quite gothic looking, perfect because I'm going to a heavy alt rock concert soon!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I fell in love. -crosses my fingers & hopes to win- The box<3


Amy F said...

It's just so unique!! It has a gungy rebel feel to it- totally different from any other jewellery I own! LOVE it.


hoyden said...

so cool! part armor, part elegance.

now following on blogger :) hope to buy from you lovely ladies again soon



Hey! Thank you for your post hunny and for following us!

Much Love!

and good luck! :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Such a fun ring (rings?) ladies!

I can't help but follow =-)


theoneformefatty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
theoneformefatty said...

Ohhh, I love these chain rings.

I've already brought one, the filigree thumb ring, from you I really can't keep buying all these Christmas presents for myself, I'm pretty sure that's not how this Christmas malarky works!!!


Amy Hutin said...

I love this ring!!! Every time I'm on Ebay I'm on your site! Haha! Love your work!



Thank you all for your lovely comments and taking part in the Giveaway! Much appreciated! The winner has been randomly picked out and has been informed.

Our new range is being added to our website as we speak and we will let you know when the next GIVEAWAY is soon! :)

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